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Ulb Name Total Application Received Connections Issued Under AE/ME Login Under Commissioner Login Under Chair Person Login Rejected Applications beyond 15 Days
Jammikunta 3 0 3 0 0 0 3
# OwnerName Unique Req No. Address Application Status Date
1 Sammaiah Dhiddi 11701511938690382 6-2-48/76-2-48/7Jammikunta Jammikunta Under Process 2017-11-28
2 Sunitha Avunuri 11701511003344144 2-6-81/3/12-6-81/3/1Jammikunta Jammikunta Under Process 2017-11-18
3 Shakunthala Kotiguti 11701508831065749 7-3-397-3-39Jammikunta Jammikunta Under Process 2017-10-24